Right of Entry or Unreasonable Trespass

I just read a column, Editor's Points: Rights of Access for Surveyors by Perry Trunick in Point of Beginning magazine, a magazine for surveyors. The column talks about how surveyors need to get access to people's property so that the surveyor's project can be completed in a thorough and accurate way. And that there are measures being discussed that would require people to stay out of the way of the surveyor while they are just collecting information. These are some of my thoughts and responses to the column and, generally, the idea of Right of Access for Surveyor.

Intro to Upcoming Series

I thought I would try to fill out my content with a series of related posts, which hopefully will give me more practice writing and will improve my style in the process. Though it may be hoping for too much. I think a good place to start is to analyze and review cases from the book "ND Land Surveyors Guide to the Supreme Court" by Brian Portwood, which will also help me in my knowledge.

More on Licensing

On the surface it seems licensing is meant to protect people from shady people, shoddy worksmanship, fraud, or just incompetence, but this is just a surface understanding. What it really does is provide an endorsement. It is an endorsement by the state stating the licensed individual has been trained, vetted and will do good work. The same as all certifications do.